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Is Memory Foam mattress good for back pain?

 Memory foam is a Visco elastic polyurethane foam which depicts elastic properties. It functions by absorbing the heat from your body. It uses this heat to become more viscous and mold to your body shape. Once the weight is shifted, it regains its original shape. Due to this unique property of Memory foam, it is good for side sleepers as well as back sleepers.

One disadvantage of Memory foam is that it absorbs heat leading to increasing temperature of the mattress. You might sweat on it in summers. But, over the years, this problem has been resolved. Now a days a new technology is used to create ‘Open Cell Memory foam’. These open cell memory foam makes the memory foam breathable, allowing the air to move inside the mattress thereby regulating the temperature.

Advantages of Memory foam:

1.      Suitable for side and back sleepers

2.      Promotes lumbar support and corrects the spinal alignment

3.      Eliminates pain. If you’re suffering from arthritis or any sort of joint pain, memory foam mattress is good for you.


One such mattress brand which provides Pure Open Cell Memory foam mattresses is Fresh Up. They have memory foam in their Orthopedic mattress and Spring mattress too.

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