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Is spring mattress good for back pain?

People often relate spring mattress to poor quality sleep, back pain, too much sagging problem. But all this wrong. Spring mattress of good quality is actually good for back pain and provide good sleep. The main role is played by the raw materials used in a spring mattress. If the raw material for example spring, foam, memory foam are of poor quality then definitely you are to complain. Majority of the companies in India use extremely poor quality of raw materials to cut down the cost of the mattress.

How do you know if the spring mattress is good or not?

Consider these two factors before purchasing a spring mattress:

1.      Carbon content of spring

2.      Wire’s thickness


Simple logic, thicker the wire, more the surface area, more evenly is the body weight distributed. This in turn reduces the pressure points.


Fresh Up mattresses use spring having 2.1 mm thick wire and 74% carbon content while other companies use only 2.2 - 2.4 mm wire having 55% carbon content which is very less.

 Is Pocket Spring mattress good?

In Pocket spring mattress the springs are individually enveloped isolating the motion. The determining factor in pocket spring is that they are composed of High density, ie, in the same volume there is more content and the coil count. More coil count leads to more support. Fresh Up mattresses have more than 350 springs in a standard 72’’ x 35inch mattress.



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