Which spring mattress brand is best in India? Every individual has a different sleeping posture and a different definition of firm mattress, medium-firm mattress or medium-soft mattress. An older person (say age 55) may find a medium firm mattress to

Many people suffer from Back Pain. Often a question is asked Which mattress is good for back pain? First let us ask ourselves How do we know if the mattress is causing the back pain ? Check for the following: One day you wake up to a back pain. But y

Which mattress should I buy? Every sleeping posture or position requires a different mattress. Let us explore which mattress is the best for your sleeping position: I sleep on my back: a mattress which is firm or a Medium-firm is best for you I sleep

Which position do you sleep on? Let's explore the right mattress for your position type.Sleeping on your Back: A Mattress of hardness level MEDIUM TO HARD is suitable.Sleeping on your Stomach: A Mattress of hardness level SOFT TO MEDIUM is suita

Looking for a mattress for back pain ? Fresh Up offers India’s Best Orthopedic mattress online . You can get a wide range of Orthopedic mattress based on the severity of your pain. A mattress of firm feel as well as a mattress of Medium firm feel are

Which is the best Orthopedic mattress in Delhi? Getting the right support from the mattress is essential for getting a good sleep at night, for maintaining the posture, for getting rid of all back and joint pains. Now a days, back problem has become

POCKET SPRING MATTRESS:Pocket springs are defined as a group of tempered steel coils that are singly placed and sealed into sturdy pockets.Features of Pocket Springs:• Components: these mattresses contain 1000-2000 individual pockets that move in

What to look for in a mattress? A good comfortable mattress should have the following: 1. Support layer 2. Comfort layer 3. Mattress cover Support layer : It is the primary layer forming the core of the mattress. It is this layer which gives main sup

Many people often have questions like which mattress is better, a soft or a firm mattress? The choice of the mattress is very subjective. Some people by habit have been sleeping on a firm mattress and their lifelong purchase includes only firm mattre

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